Why you should choose Canada for migration

Why you should choose Canada for migration

Canada is best country for migration

Canada is considered as one of the best countries to migrate. According to the recent world report, Canada is believed to be on 1st position out of 80 countries which were compiled based on income equality, economic stability, labor markets and social attributes. It has an extensive history of immigration. Its immigration policies have been changing time to time from the past century. However, the Canadian nationalized identity is built on a base of immigration and multiculturalism. According to experienced  immigration lawyer toronto, there are some following reasons which allure you to migrate to this country.

  • Foremost education amenities

It provides best education facilities to its nationalist as well as foreign students. The free public school system and obligatory schooling laws make sure that every Canadian has at least a secondary education. Moreover, it provides greater access to sophisticated education than any other nation.

  • Welcome around 250000 newcomer each year

Canada admits around 250000 newcomers every year. It is almost double than USA. In fact, 20 in 100 Canadians are foreign-born. It has vast experience of immigration.

  • Plenty of space for you

Canada is considered the second largest countries in the world and has a population approximately 35 million in ten million square kilometers area. Canada has a spacious geography and attractive coastal towns with plenty of space for newcomers.

  • Government medical services   

If, you will get sick, you will not to worry about medical care. Like Education, Necessary medical services are covered by the Canadian government .The national health insurance system ensures that no Canadian citizens or permanent residents will be deprived of medical care because they can’t pay for it.

  • The safest country to live

Canadians are independent and broad-minded people. Its constitutional Charter protects the rights of freedoms. Canada has been doing well in global surveys on progress, safety, and quality of life from past few centuries.

➢     Strong economy

Canada plays a vital role in the global economy, and has open trade agreements with many other nations. Canada’s GDP in 2018 was $1.989 trillion. That makes it the 10th largest economy in the world. It has the finest banking system in the world, highly proficient labor markets, and has the best infrastructure amenities.

➢     Canada wants newcomers

Canada has less population and it faces an alarming labor shortage. Thus, it depends on immigration to maintain its population growth. So that, immigration lawyer helps you out Canada migration process.