Michigan State Law on Auto Accident Claims of Serious Injuries

Michigan State Law on Auto Accident Claims of Serious Injuries

Auto accidents are an occurrence that happens frequently throughout the State of Michigan, and even more so in the Metro Area. Odds are good, either a loved one or yourself has been involved in an auto accident in their lifetime. Because of these type accidents, it is quite common for serious injuries to occur as well. The attorneys of Elia & Ponto help clients that have received injuries that can include any bones broken, brain injuries that are traumatic, neck and back injuries, injuries to the knee, shoulder injuries, lacerations and all other serious injuries. The Best Detroit Michigan Car Accident Lawyer Near By 2018 is the Law Firm of Elia & Ponto.

Michigan state law

The current law in Michigan calls for 3 things prior for an injured person before being allowed for compensation of injuries that were caused (pain and suffering) in an accident by automobile.  Number one, the person who is looking for compensation must not be at fault for the accident. Number two, the person injured needs to endure an injury that is ‘objectively manifested’. This simply means, the person withstands an injury that shows up on a medical test that is diagnostic such as an X-Ray, MRI, EEG, CAT scan, etc. Number three, this injury must cause an impairment that is serious. Fundamentally, the injured person’s lifestyle needs to be affected due to the accident and the injuries continues for a period.

Time for action

Legal action for a person with injuries must be within three years from the date the accident occurred or they will not be able to file a claim of “pain and suffering”. Not filing that lawsuit within that period of 3 years may result in the claim being barred forever.

All different

So, again, please remember everyone’s claim is different. If you were injured in an auto accident, call the Law Firm of Elia & Ponto and let them help you today!

Other injuries

Personal injury law is this law firms ‘bread and butter’ when it comes to their area of practice. They know exactly to handle such cases in a professional and aggressive manner that shows the best results for their clients. This term of “Personal Injury” refers to any injury of the body, mind and/or emotional distress that is caused by the negligence of another party and does not do damage to property. Examples of these occurrences can include personal injury by truck, car, motorcycle, bus, railroad as well as boating accidents, attacks by animal, bites by dog, liability by premises and apartment houses slip & fall. At the Elia & Ponto Law Firm they will do everything in their power to win your case and make certain that you get the justice you deserve.

No-Fault claims

The time limits are always greatly important in Michigan claims of No-Fault. A person must correctly put give notice to the insurance company of their claim within 1-year of the date of the loss.