Is studying in the US suitable for younger students?

Is studying in the US suitable for younger students?

Nowadays, more and more Chinese young children are studying abroad, and many junior high school students and even elementary school students have joined the ranks of studying abroad. Nowadays, the international students are showing a trend of younger age. In the eyes of many parents, sending children abroad to study abroad can help them get acquainted with the local language environment as soon as possible, learn foreign languages ​​well, and receive advanced education from abroad. So is studying in the US suitable for younger students?

Parents send their children to the United States for study abroad at the middle school stage. They usually send their children to high school in the United States after graduating from junior high school. This stage is suitable for children to study abroad. During this period, children are more independent. Moreover, in high school in the United States, it is more competitive for children to apply for undergraduate study abroad.

So how do parents judge whether their children are suitable for studying in the US? Language ability is not only important for children’s life abroad, but also important for children to study in American high school. The better the general school, the higher the requirements for students’ language achievement. . In general, high school students in the United States are still very young, so they need strong independence and self-control. Studying in high school in the United States requires a solid economic foundation. American high schools usually need to study for three to four years. The annual tuition, accommodation, other miscellaneous expenses, and living expenses are very expensive. If the funds are not enough, the children’s study abroad life cannot be guaranteed.

If the child meets the above three criteria, then after graduating from junior high school, the child can be sent to the United States to study abroad. On the accommodation issue, you can choose to live in a school or live in a host family.

Studying in high school in the United States, American students can participate in exciting academic programs and a variety of extracurricular activities to find their own interests in advanced courses in various subject areas. Students can also participate in many valuable extracurricular activities, improve their competitiveness, and gain the advantage of applying for undergraduate study abroad.

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